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i.e., yoga.

i strive to make intuitive movement and breathing accessible to all, which is one of the reasons i often refer to my teachings as 'breathwork & mobility.' we unfortunately live in a society that has sensationalized a lot of the aspects of yogic practice, and in doing so, unintentionally isolated those who, perhaps, need the practice more than anyone. rather than focusing on poses curated for social media 'likes,' i tend to lead a more gentle practice that targets specific parts of the body & mind from which each individual might personally benefit.

200 hr RYT | 20 hr restorative CYT | 50 hr meditation instruction 



intuitive flow

gentle, intuitive movement that incorporates a 'vinyasa' style flow with ashtanga elements, beginning & ending with a stationary mindfulness meditation.

seated practice

an entirely seated offering, integrating mindful stretching that targets tension hotspots throughout the body + focuses on realigning posture. 

pranyama & meditation

curated breathing techniques depending on individual needs paired with silent and verbally-guided visualization meditation.


a slow practice involving seated and reclined postures, often with props, to help support the body and hold it in postures for extended periods of time.

nature-based yoga

an outdoor practice -- may involve a guided nature hike or seated discussion of ecological elements and their parallel to the mind-body connection.

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