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an allegorical fantasy about humans, nature & human nature.

despite having pursued degrees and a full-time career in environmental science, literature & language somehow always came easiest to me (i tested significantly higher in english, spanish, and french courses than in science or mathematics). the wonderful thing about writing is that it isn’t niche in itself: it has the capacity to integrate multiple themes and lessons into a single story. that’s exactly what this book is about: a conglomeration of themes such as coming-of-age, escapism, human nature & nature itself. while it reads as a fantasy fiction, it draws parallels between the nuances of societal and environmental relationships.

writing this book has already revealed so many things about myself and my perception of the world we live in (& i’m still wrapping up the final few chapters). my hope is that this book will not only fulfill my desire to tell a story i’ve been wanting to tell since my adolescence but may also validate others’ perceptions or open them to new lines of thought.


at the very least, readers will be able to follow these characters’ journey through the labyrinth and, perhaps, find similarities to their own life paths.


your support will help get this book out into the world. stay tuned for updates regarding presale and future book launch events.


hoping to see you on this journey with me,


xx em

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books are only one avenue of storytelling. i spend most of my days telling stories of how our actions impact the earth and what we can do to mitigate these actions: from citizen science events to guided nature hikes to trainings surrounding preserving the native environment. while i currently live and work in the coastal great lakes region, i have experience discussing terrestrial woodlands, desert ecosystems, oceans, and the tropics. if you're looking to organize a nature-based art project, a community outreach program, or a technical skills workshop, click the button below and let's get started.

environmental offerings:

field tours

native species hikes

sustainability talks

nature-based art

wildflower identification

wildlife monitoring

coastal cleanups

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